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The NORMOBARIC chamber for life

It helps slow down the process of ageing and increases body’s ability to circulate oxygen. It helps regenerate damaged skin cells by decreasing the visibility of wrinkles and by helping the skin and other cell structures heal after injuries, undergone diseases, surgical procedures or even chemotherapy.



Using the normobaric chamber shows signs of slimming, growth of nails and reduction of cellulite. It is also recommended for treating skin diseases, such as eczema, acne, psoriasis or erysipelas.

NORMOBARIC chamber for life

comfort & safety

Ponieważ komfort i bezpieczeństwo naszych gości jest dla nas najważniejsze, stworzyliśmy dla Państwa (przy użyciu najnowocześniejszych materiałów i zabezpieczone najnowocześniejszymi systemami awaryjnymi) doskonale wyposażone, eleganckie i wygodne pomieszczenia.

Komora normobaryczna

how it


Normobaric chambers helps to greatly increase the levels of oxygen in a body. The amount of carbon dioxide in the air inside the normobaric chamber amounts to 0.5–1.9%. It is about 70 times more than in natural atmospheric conditions. An increased amount of carbon dioxide in blood helps absorb oxygen by a body.

To prevent human cells from breaking down and at the same time prolong their lives, molecular hydrogen is added to the chamber. There is 10 to 20 times more of the molecular hydrogen in the chamber than outside. Hydrogen is a very strong antioxidant; it successfully fights of free radicals which are responsible for the process of ageing.





During each session, you will be given mineral, healthy and purifying water RED-OX.


the normobaric chamber for life


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