Normobaric for life

The chamber

Komora normobaryczna

A normobaric chamber is an innovative, painless and non-invasive way of supplying larger amounts of oxygen to a body than it can absorb while breathing in natural atmospheric air. During a normobaric session, you will stay in a modern chamber, in which you will be able to breathe perfectly clear air with increased oxygen levels (from 32% to 40%) and pressure to about 1500 hPa while there’s only 1000 hPa outside.

The normobaric chamber is a pressure chamber composed of several rooms so equipped that you can stay inside for two-hour sessions. The chamber is equipped with a lock, creating an intermediate state between the pressure inside the chamber – 1500 hPa and outside – 1000 hPa. This allows you to go out and enter it freely any time of the day. The increased content of carbon dioxide in the blood allows for better oxygen absorption by cells of the human body as it facilitates the disconnection of oxygen from hemoglobin in the capillaries, where it is most needed. In the human body subjected to this method, oxygen is transmitted not only by hemoglobin, but it is also dissolved in the blood plasma and that brings effects. It perfectly stimulates the healing and repair of tissues, improves blood circulation, supporting the body in the fight against infections and it is also bactericidal in activity and it acts bacteriostatically.

What is important, it also reduces tissue swelling and accelarates the elimination of carbon monoxide. Inside the chamber there is constant pressure of about 1500 hPa, in combination with an increased content of carbon dioxide in the air. We call this normobaria with a normocapnia. The carbon dioxide content in the air in the normobaric room is from 0.7 to 1.9 % (in the atmosphere outside there is a hypocapnia, because only 0.03% of carbon dioxide). In addition, in the normobaric chamber the atmosphere is enriched with molecular hydrogen, which is from 10 to 20 thousand times more than outside – it is about 1%. Hydrogen slows cell division, extending their life. In addition, it is an extremely effective antioxidant, that means it combats free radiacals directly contributing to the aging of all body cells.

The normobaric chamber meets the national requirements in terms of fire protection, construction and low voltage, it has the given mark. The latest production technologies of tanks based on many years of experience and competence of employees, involved in the production process, starting from the engineering department through logistics, quality control and production, are the guarantee of the highest quality of manufactured normobaric chambers.

EKONSTAL Sp. z o.o. Sp.k. is a manufacturer of normobaric chambers. We are a supplier of the device in which fully automated process ensures proper atmosphere parameters in its interior. The chamber is completely equipped and CE certified. Designing and supervision is made in accordance with the approved ISO 9001 system, supervised by UDT Cert. Research and technology are made in accordance to European standards.

As your comfort and safety are of most importance to us, we have (by using state of the art materials and by securing our chambers with high-tech emergency system) created for you perfectly equipped, elegant and comfortable chambers.

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